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From the current issue of Poetry

From This Issue March 2024
  • poem
    By Petra Kuppers

    Welcome, dear somanauts. Let’s go on a journey together. And as we get going, we’ll think about ways in which we can protect ourselves, and prepare ourselves for our journey.

  • poem
    By Beth Ann Fennelly

    reveals itself in retrospect. Unlike the first, whose March arrival bade you gasp, hands clasped, like a child actor instructed to show joy, when the last

  • poem
    By Tomás Q. Morín

    In this life, there are stars and there are stunt doubles.

Time is a body
that resembles
a sound without a scale.

— Alison C. Rollins

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From the Poetry Magazine Archive

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Heroics

      By Julia Alvarez
      We keep coming to this part
      of the story where we’re sad:
      I’ve broken up with my true love
      man after man.
      You've found It;
      Once, It was god.
      Once, revolution
      in the third world. Now, It's love.

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine To Our Land

      By Mahmoud Darwish
      To our land,
      and it is the one near the word of god,
      a ceiling of clouds.
      To our land,
      and it is the one far from the adjectives of nouns,
      the map of absence.
      To our land,

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine The Boley Rodeo

      By Marilyn Nelson
      A collective family myth
      passed down across generations
      takes on the polished gleam of truth,
      and memories become legend.

      The legend of black sod-busters
      on a piece of red soil they own
      in a township of black ranchers.
      Their legendary rodeo.

      grand entry

      Two Stars and Stripes flutter into


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