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  • Interview
    By Arthur Sze

    A conversation with Kimiko Hahn, winner of the 2023 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize.

    A portrait of Kimiko Hahn in profile.
  • Interview
    By Lily Meyer

    Stephanie McCarter on her feminist translation of Ovid.

    A portrait of Stephanie McCarter, a blonde woman in a black top and gold, pendant earrings.
  • Interview
    By Rachel Kolb

    The DeafBlind poet John Lee Clark finds his native language.

    An illustration of a man in a blue shirt speaking with his hands while two other hands, made of yarn, drape over his hands in the listening position for tactile communication. The background is blue knitwork.
  • Interview
    By Jenna Peng

    Will Alexander on poetry, consciousness, and the energy of language.

    A black-and-white portrait of Will Alexander in a baseball hat and a striped shirt.
  • Interview
    By Amaud Jamaul Johnson

    A year before the 1992 LA Uprising, a Black teenager named Latasha Harlins was killed in a corner store. Concentrate, Courtney Faye Taylor’s debut, revisits that tragedy—and the life that...

    A portrait of Courtney Faye Taylor sitting in a sunlit room, surrounded by plants.
  • Interview
    By Garrett Caples

    Alice Notley on her life with Ted Berrigan.

    Alice Notley and Ted Berrigan together.
  • Interview
    By J. Howard Rosier

    Rio Cortez on Afropioneerism out West.

    Portrait of Rio Cortez looking into the camera. She wears glasses, a gold necklace, and a leather jacket.
  • Interview
    By Rowan Ricardo Phillips

    A conversation with Adrian Matejka, Poetry’s new editor.

    A headshot of Adrian Matejka looking into the camera, wearing a dark blazer, a sweater, and a necklace.
  • Interview
    By Kevin O'Rourke

    Garrett Caples wrestles with “the impervious world” in his latest collection, Lovers of Today.

    Graffiti-style font of the word lovers against a white backdrop.
  • Interview
    By Saeed Jones

    A conversation with Patricia Smith, winner of the 2021 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize.

    Headshot of Patricia Smith looking into the camera.
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