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Begin in delight, end in wisdom.

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Children’s Poems

    • poem
      By Naomi Shihab Nye
      Music lives inside my legs.
      It’s coming out when I talk.

      I’m going to send my valentines
      to people you don’t even know.

      Oatmeal cookies make my throat gallop.

      Grown-ups keep their feet on the ground
      when they swing. I hate that.

      Look at those 2 o’s...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine School—12:15

      By Tina Boyer Brown
      Imagine the lunchroom,
      crowded and wary—
      seating charts a welcome apprehension.

      papers spiraled from
      ballpoint-scratched notebook covers
      until the last hour,
      when a teacher
      sighed and sighed.

      Today, we close our backpacks,
      but minutes
      come quick and quit
      the ease of dawn.

    • poem
      By Robert Frost
      Nature’s first green is gold,
      Her hardest hue to hold.
      Her early leaf’s a flower;
      But only so an hour.
      Then leaf subsides to leaf.
      So Eden sank to grief,
      So dawn goes down to day.
      Nothing gold can stay.

Learning Activities

  • Learning Prompt

    Stretch your mind to think about what the earth looked like before people lived in it. What did the earth beneath your...

  • Video
    From Poetry Explorers

    Today we’ll make a loom, a very old tool that weavers use to make beautiful textiles and fabrics, and weave a story...

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